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Core Competencies - Mayura Inc has exceptional talent, technologies and infrastructure to perform its following core competencies

Staff Augmentation
Project Management
Product Management
Change Management
HR Solutions

Staff Augmentation We believe right people at the right time can take any company to its success path. Staff Augmentation is one of our core competencies to provide our clients with the right talent at the right time given the budget constraints, thus helping them achieve their goals and milestones. We do provide services on contract basis, full time permanent one time placement, on project basis We have built a potential database of all types of candidates with corp to corp, w2, 1099, TN visa employment types thus having the heads-up in catering the needs of our clients before our competitors can beat us

Project Management We believe success of any project comes from proper panning, execution and completing the feedback loop so that it becomes a continuous system to ultimately achieve its purpose Planning is done by through study of as is analysis taking into full confidence of the stake holders and end users and drive the to be analysis in compliance with the clients need and wants. Execution will take place with proper methodology/process driven with the help of right talent, technologies and infrastructure. We always believe feedback is one of the key stone which helps any system to achieve its ultimate goal and also know the importance of it coming from the perspective of end users and stake holders. We adopt appropriate project methodology depending on the environment of the client

Product Development We believe new product development is the result of the Innovation. It comes from new ideas and out of box thought process. We always believe in innovation which takes our product/process to the new heights. We have developed few products which helps our clients to manage their day to day activities home management, office management and HR management to name few Lots of time, effort and ideas have been invested in these products development. There is continuous thrive to develop the new products and any suggestion/feedback in this regards is highly appreciated

Change Management Change is necessary and it should bring the gap closer between the generations to have an positive impact. It might be in process, system, people, technology or infrastructure. Managing the change is very important and complicated aspect to see that we have adopted the right thing in a new direction. We have seen lot of companies stumbling at this stage as they fail to see the difference between constructive and destructive change. We help our clients consult and provide that vision to manage the change successfully

HR Solutions Mayura Inc comes from the strong background of HR Management. We understand that next generation is about HR Management and offer the following solutions to our clients so that they can focus on their core competencies and thus achieve their success
Payroll Management
Benefits and Compensation management
Organizational development
Manpower management
Training and Development

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