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In this fast moving world everyone wants to be connected to Internet. With evolution of high speed mobile technologies like HSDPA, HSUPA it has become reality to be connected to world (Internet) all the time. Idea was to develop modem which can be connected to laptop like USB stick or Express card to have user always connected to internet with High data rates with affordable cost. 2G/3G Dual mode Modem reference platform with HSDPA/HSUPA (high-speed) was developed which can be used by OEMs/Suppliers.

Integrating High performance L1 baseband with dual mode L23 supporting all modes GSM/GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA/HSUPA gives high performance, low size and cost efficient reference platform.

L23 would be developed using powerful C/C++ languages along with SDL. Each modules in L23 will be developed as per standards unit tested, then integration testing at Layer 2/3. System Testing will be done once integrated with L1. GCF testing is done to assure it is in compliance with standards. Then field testing, performance, inter-operability testing will be done to ensure product works with desired data rate and with all the operators.

2. HMS - Home Management System

This is an stand alone application that enables a comman man to have systamic management of the home financial status. Depending on the login credentials, each user is given access to different pages in the application. This system involves two sections Credit and Debit.

The objective of the application is to generate a balance sheet every month in a family. This is being achieved by entering the inflow and outflow of the income into the application. This includes salary and commision income, grocery, entertainment expenditures.

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